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Beat It Init is the best aircon cleaning provider inside Metro Manila; Beat It Init performs the best ac cleaning services like Residential Aircon, Split Type Cleaning, Split Type Inverter Cleaning, Window Aircon Cleaning, Commercial Aircon Cleaning, Floor Mounted Aircon Cleaning, Ceiling Cassette Cleaning, and Ceiling Mounted Cleaning.

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Beat It Init is a reputable firm that deals in all AC cleaning services around Metro Manila. We are the best and most experienced Aircon cleaning. We have been cleaning all AC brands and sanitizing all air conditioning systems in Metro Manila

We are concerned about our customers’ health that’s why we provide HVAC hygiene service for all residential and commercial systems. Beat it Init is located in Metro Manila and has offered more than 250,000 services for everyone. When seeking an Aircon cleaning specialist contact Beat it Init Today.

We also perform Aircon Repair, Aircon Installation, and Freon Charging.

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Residential Aircon Cleaning:

You can get all your home ACs cleaned by professionals at Beat it Init. Not cleaning your AC unit might pose health challenges to you, there when you need to take care of your residential aircon, we are your sure bet in Metro Manila.

Split Type ACs are good air conditioners that are used by many homes and apartments in Metro Manila, PH. These ACs provide users with a good and comfortable atmosphere. This AC needs to be cleaned regularly by experts like us for optimal performance.

Using an Inverter-based AC is now trendy in Metro Manila. This is because it saves energy bills and offers quality functions. Beat it Init provides a better cleaning service for everyone who owns a Split Type Inverter Cleaning service around the Philippines.

If you have a window AC in your house or office, performing regular checkups and cleaning is necessary for good service. We can send our experts to blow your dirty filters and clean all dirty components.

Commercial Aircon Cleaning:

There are many businesses and companies in Metro Manila, which has many commercial ACs. These commercial ACs are used to make staff feel comfortable. We can help you clean these Air conditioning systems for better performance. 

At Beat it Init, we offer optimal quality service for all floor mounted AC systems. Floor Mounted ACs are prone to dust and other dirt. It needs to be properly cleaned to work well.

This is a ductless AC unit that is fixed in the ceiling. It’s usually used in business districts. We can help clean the ceiling cassette aircons quickly to help disperse better airflow.

For people who have ceiling mounted AC units, it is important to clean this aircon unit regularly. It’s difficult though to take care of this AC system. Beat it Init service is known to offer good ceiling mounted aircon cleaning around Metro Manila.


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Beat It Init is a top leader in the Aircon cleaning sector and we are experts in all types of air conditioning systems. We provide an array of cleaning services for all commercial and residential cooling units. Whether you are seeking a tower AC cleaning or Split AC cleaning service for your store, office space, or residential property in Metro Manila, we are ready for you. Having your AC units cleaned by experts like us will give you peace of mind. 

We are trusted and have trained technicians to serve you better.

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What Causes the Main Problem in Aircons For Needing Cleaning?

There are many causes of problems associated with aircon cleaning, these problems include:

Stuffy Aircon

Those who stay in industrial areas have ACs that are prone to be stuffed with dirt. Also when you leave your AC units uncleaned for a while, they could become dirty.

Bad Coils

When your AC coils are faulty, this might also cause your AC to need cleaning. However, when you choose a reliable cleaning service to solve it. 

Dirty Condenser

AC condensers are susceptible to specks of dirt when there is a leak in the filter and ducts. This is caused by dangerous elements that can block the pipes.

What Causes the Main Problem in Aircon Cleaning

Signs of a Problem in your Aircon for Cleaning

There are signs your AC will show that will indicate its needs cleaning :

Frequent colds and Health Issues

When you start sneezing, coughing, and catarrh, it might be due to a dirty AC which needs to be cleaned. This might be due to accumulated dents on the AC filter and other components.

When the AC blows Warm Air

Usually, all AC units are expected to blow cool air, but when you start getting regular warm air, know that your AC units need cleaning.

Signs of a Problem in Aircon Cleaning

24/7 Aircon Cleaning Service Providers

When you need an emergency AC cleaning near you that offers 24 hours service, Beat it Init, is your best bet. We help clean your Aircon and help service them to remove all dust, bacteria, and mold

We have a thorough sanitizing and cleaning process that makes sure all your AC systems are free from germs. Our experts are available round the clock to disassemble the AC units, check air filters, get rid of pollutants, and clear all waterways.

We systematically clean all AC components using high-pressure water to remove germs. Our aircon cleaning solutions are non-toxic and health-grade processes that mitigate mold and bacteria growth.

247 Emergency Aircon Cleaning Service

FAQ - All You Need to Know About Aircon Cleaning

Irrespective of the AC units used, dirt, oil, grass, and mold can block it from dispersing cold air. You will need a professional cleaning service to help you remove these obstructions and allow your AC to work fine.

Cleaning your Aircon units can improve better airflow and cooling performance. What this implies is that your AC system can work less and has better cooling results. Your Aircon will get your desired result and run at a good speed which will reduce utility bills.

Since mold and bacteria can store themselves in Air conditioner filters. This could cause several health problems to people. This can cause severe respiratory sickness.

Cleaning your AC regularly can be a good choice for everyone with an AC. Beat it Init can help everyone beat the heat and are available in Metro Manila.

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